Reinvent Your Space  


  De-cluttering and Organization

Customer Testimonials

I just didn’t know where to start with my downsizing project, but my Reinvent Your Space organizer has been a miracle!  I had planned on renting in order to sell my home because I doubted I could stay organized enough for realtor showings.  Alice's help saved me thousands of dollars rent on the temporary place and the agony of moving twice.  She not only helped 

me donate and sell items I didn’t 

need, she also organized the things 

I did need.  I can now find everything and it is right where I use it!  Alice 

has a true love for people and was extremely patient throughout the entire process.  She also cares for the environment and virtually nothing went to a landfill.  I just can’t recommend her or her company enough! 

- SM, Oceanside, CA


I consider myself a pretty organized person, but I still needed help getting my garage in order. Just the thought of it seemed so overwhelming that I could never get started. Occasionally, my husband and I would move things around - but it never looked organized. Alice was so helpful in giving me the proper guidance to get started and was very "hands on" throughout the entire process. She came over for an initial consultation and was incredibly knowledgeable and prepared with concepts of fixtures and resources that I could use for overhead storage shelves, bins and bike racks. In the end, my garage was perfectly neat and tidy and I couldn’t be happier.

- LN, Irvine, CA


After nearly 30 years at the same address, we unexpectedly sold our home and had to downsize quickly to move to a smaller home. I was completely overwhelmed since every closet, cabinet and garage storage space was full of "stuff." Alice helped me keep my sanity while we decided on what to keep, what to donate, and what to sell. She also helped me prepare for a huge garage sale. She has a very calm and cool demeanor, which was so helpful during that stressful time. Alice takes the initiative to research what items may be worth so that the client can make a decision on what to do. She even knew where to recycle things that I would have put in the trash! Since the move, Alice has continued to help me by posting and selling items on eBay and relieving me of that chore. Thanks, Alice, for all your help!

- HL, Santa Ana, CA