Reinvent Your Space  


  De-cluttering and Organization


In the picture above a shelving unit was purchased & assembled by the organizer.  She next sorted through all the boxes with the owner and helped him determine what he really needed.  Then the organizer listed 4 items for sale and carried away 2 large bags of recycling and 5 giant bags of donations!

In the picture above, we recommended and measured for garage cabinets.  Once they were installed, we sorted through all the items with the owners.  We helped them sell about 100 items, donate about 200, and then arranged everything remaining into the cabinets.  

The picture below shows the inside of these same cabinets.

The pictures above and below were from one of our unpacking jobs.

On our unpacking jobs, we even hang pictures for the client!  Samples are shown in the photos above and below.

In the closet above, the clothes are now sorted by type.  For example, the blouses are sorted by sleeve length, with the sleeveless and short sleeves on the top rail and the long sleeves on the bottom rail.  Within each category, they are sorted by pattern and color.

In the picture above, the client was able to donate, sell or recycle almost everything in this storage unit.  
He was then able to turn in the key and save $200 per month!

As you can see in the photo above, we can setup long-term storage solutions.

We helped this client clear off the furniture in their garage, in order to sell it.  

We took care of the sales too and it was gone within the week!